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Rebuilding the Taurus PT-92

9mm Auto Part Three

Last month we shot the Taurus and determined the sights were not acceptable for accurate or competitive shooting.  The front sights were hard to distinguish during rapid shooting and adjustments were very difficult with the rear sight cut into a dovetail and no way to adjust elevation.  We decided to change the sights to some that can be adjusted.

Figure 1.

   We selected the Millet adjustable rear sight as we believed it would be a direct and simple replacement.  It turns out that the Taurus has a smaller rear sight dovetail that needed to be made a little larger in order to fit the new sight.

Figure 3.

   We began by removing the original sight.  I drifted the sight out from the right to the left in order to remove it from the tapered dovetail.


Figure 2.

   The original site was drifted out by angling the slide against the carpet square we use on our bench and then drifting the sight with a punch and small hammer.  The sight slowly moved to the left and came out.

   The new sight did not fit into the dovetail on the Taurus frame so it was necessary to use a file to open the dovetail and fit the new sight.  We used a triangular file with one side ground safe with no teeth to avoid cutting into the base of the dovetail.  Any triangular file can be made safe by using a grinding wheel to grind away the teeth on one side.

Figure 4.


   With the sight fitted to the dovetail, the sight fit onto the rear of the slide and a setscrew was tightened to hold the sight in its preferred location .  A couple of quick measurements showed we had made a mistake by not also purchasing a front sight replacement.  The new rear sight sits about a quarter inch higher than the original sight.  Next month we hope to have the new front sight in the shop and illustrate how to install it. 

Figure 5.

   Figure 5 shows the new sight mounted on the Taurus PT92.  Initial evaluations of the sight suggest it will be a significant improvement over he original sights on this semi-auto firearm.